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French Casement Window

The French casement window has two sashes that crank out for twice the ventilation and an unobstructed view. Features Pella’s fold-away casement cranks that won’t get in the way of room side window treatments. And one easy-to-reach handle on the sill locks both sashes securely.

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Push Out Casement Window

The push out casement window opens easily with just the turn of a handle and a gentle push. It’s shown in the Traditional style, with a wide wood sash frame and historical stay that holds the window open as wide as you want. Or choose the Contemporary version, with a narrower frame to complement other windows in your home.

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Push Out French Casement Window

The push out French casement window has two sashes that swing open from the center quickly and smoothly with a gentle push, providing an unobstructed view. It features matching handles, traditional wide wood sash frames and historical stays that hold the window open as wide as you want.

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In-Swing Casement Window

The in-swing casement window opens into your room, instead of out. Simply turn the handle and pull. It’s ideal for places where a swing-out sash would get in the way, such as above a flower box or next to a walkway.

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In-Swing French Casement Window

In-Swing French casement windows feature two sashes that pull open into your room, instead of swinging out and into your outdoor space. Unlike standard 2-wide casement windows, this style provides a completely unobstructed view.

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Tilt-Turn Window

Tilt-turn windows offer European styling and dual functionality. The sash opens two ways, giving you ventilation flexibility. Simply turn the handle 90 degrees to swing the window sash open into your room for a clear view and a full breeze. Or, if you want just a little fresh air, a 180-degree turn of the handle tilts the sash in to vent from the top.