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Andersen Windows and Doors

Andersen Windows was founded in 1903, and one of the main reasons we sell Andersen windows and doors is because of the company’s longevity – Andersen isn’t going away anytime soon.

Andersen provides a wide selection of quality windows and doors at affordable prices, which are protected by a good warranty.

Andersen Windows and Doors

Andersen Storm Windows and Doors

Pittsburgh and the southwest corner of Pennsylvania may not be on the coast, but we do get our own severe weather. Andersen’s Stormwatch® storm windows and doors offer extra protection from the elements to stand the test of time. They are warranted against corrosion, and are available in classical architectural styles.

Andersen Conversion Kits

Andersen Windows also offers window conversion kits that allow you to upgrade the windows in older homes, especially ones built in the 1960’s and 70’s, to take advantage of modern features such as windows that tilt in for easy cleaning, and high-performance glass. Unless they work frequently with Andersen, most window installation contractors are not aware of these Andersen retrofit kits, but we use them on Andersen replacement windows projects frequently.

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